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Jesse Grimes

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Touchpoint is published three times a year in printed and in electronic form. Starting from Volume 14 (2023) the e-journal will be available from Logos Verlag Berlin. The print journal and all back issuses are avaliable from SDN.

Current Issue: Volume 14 Number 1 (2023)

Touchpoint - The Journal of Service Design, 14/1


Designing Employee Experience for Customer and Talent Retention: A case of B2B services in the energy sector
Paul Pietyra
pp: 6-9, 2023-08-18

Bridging the Gap Between Distant Disciplines
Manuel Großmann, Juliane Kutzke
pp: 10-12, 2023-08-18

Equity-infused CX, EX and Service Health at NASA: Differentiating, defining and measuring equitable experience and operations
Victor Udoewa
pp: 16-21, 2023-08-18

Building Trust and Employee Engagement: Co-creation of the employee journey during a regional integration
Angelica Bello, Alejandra Campo
pp: 22-27, 2023-08-18

The Teacher Journey Map: Creating better faculty experiences through service design
Marisabella De Castro Abello, Fadia Khouri, Mario Gómez
pp: 28-31, 2023-08-18

Service Design for TalentDevelopment: An Asian experience
Jia Xiang Chua, Regina Tan Ching Yin
pp: 32-35, 2023-08-18

Designing Cultures of Success: The value of employee engagement
Sam Elliott
pp: 36-39, 2023-08-18

To Fit or Not to Fit? Service designers' double-edged dilemma
Mauricio Manhaes
pp: 40-46, 2023-08-18

Beyond the Employee Journey: Co-design to foster change
Stefano Franzon, Marianna Carbone, Martina Rossi
pp: 47-49, 2023-08-18

Happy Employees Drive Happy Customers
Geke van Dijk, Dorien Hendriksen
pp: 50-55, 2023-08-18

Employee On-boarding Experience in a Hybrid, International Set-up
Serena Talento, Roberta Tassi, Marco Vianello
pp: 56-59, 2023-08-18

Expanding Employee Journeys with a Focus on Relationships: Integrating human and social capital strategies
Clara Llamas, Peter Horvath, Daniel Boos
pp: 60-63, 2023-08-18

Not Just a Training: Transforming Service Excellence in Healthcare
Danielle McGuinness, Jennifer Bloomfield, Michele Jacobs-Brown
pp: 64-68, 2023-08-18

Therapeutic Benefits of Using Service Blueprinting: Kickstarting meaningful conversations to design thoughtful employee experiences
Hira Javed
pp: 69-71, 2023-08-18

Empowering People to Accomplish Amazing Things Together: Nine HR services to dramatically boost team performance
Robert Bau
pp: 72-77, 2023-08-18

A Co-creation Framework for Interdisciplinary Collaboration
Pushpi Bagchi, Chris Elsden, Steven Earl, Kam Chan, Chris Speed
pp: 79-82, 2023-08-18

Service Design Heuristics for Employee Experiences: Creating a compelling workplace
Austin Govella
pp: 83-87, 2023-08-18

Using Service Design to Shape Employee Journeys: Principles and methods to meet employees' needs
Ricardo Martins
pp: 88-91, 2023-08-18

Turning Workplaces into Employee Service Experiences: How to change the system without being its owner
Thomas Speicher
pp: 92-97, 2023-08-18

Design Toolkits for Enhancing Team Engagement: ‘Oden’ and ‘Donburi’: Food-inspired approaches to organisational transformation in Japan
Kahoru Tsukui, Soya Matsumura, Nozomu Tannaka, Shin Okamoto, Emily Kimura, Kohei Aida
pp: 98-103, 2023-08-18

User Research with Generative Tools: Understanding users' latent needs and desires
Julia Alberga
pp: 104-107, 2023-08-18

Furnishing Fun: Revamping a Retailer’s Employee Experience through Service Design
Katie Murrie, Kim Anderson
pp: 109-112, 2023-08-18

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