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Jesse Grimes

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Touchpoint is published three times a year in printed and in electronic form. The e-journal will be available from Logos Verlag Berlin. The print journal and all printed back issuses are avaliable from SDN.

Touchpoint - The Journal of Service Design, 15/1


AI-Enabled Adaptive Service Blueprints: The complexities of AI in public service design
Eduardo Staszowski, Lara Penin, Connor Smith
pp: 8-12, 2024-06-04

The Implications of AI Powered Design Innovation in Emerging Industries
Tanishqa Bobde
pp: 13-15, 2024-06-04

Teaming Up with AI: Augmenting the Service Design Process
Rodion Sorokin
pp: 16-20, 2024-06-04

AI–What’s the Harm in That?
Kaisa Alapartanen
pp: 21-23, 2024-06-04

Paving the Way for Ethical AI Integration: How design research can help guide meaningful decisions
Bas Raijmakers, Katy Barnard
pp: 24-27, 2024-06-04

Can AI Make Us Care? How ‘A11y-AI’ generates empathy for an accessible web
Paul van der Veen, Samuel Weiß, Carla Polaczek
pp: 28-31, 2024-06-04

Invest Wisely: Amplify AI benefits by building employee skillsets
Stephanie Shine, Vincent Peiffer
pp: 32-35, 2024-06-04

Crafting AI-based Services: A Multi-Layered Framework for Designers
Yulya Besplemennova
pp: 36-41, 2024-06-04

An AI-enabled Approach to Experience Blueprinting: Co-creating healthcare experience journeys with AI
Suhaib Aslam, Sander Bogers
pp: 42-45, 2024-06-04

Designing Equity and Accessibility into AI for Services
John D. Willis, Sambhavi Chandrashekar, Anne Jackson
pp: 46-49, 2024-06-04

Designing AI-Powered Services: How narrow AI is transforming customer journeys and the role of service designers
Ricardo Martins
pp: 50-53, 2024-06-04

Elevating Design Work: Design and AI in the Coming Era
Mary Jackson, Daniel Morales
pp: 54-57, 2024-06-04

A Blueprint for ‘Care-Centred AI’: Placing patients and caregivers at the forefront of academic medicine’s AI strategy
James J. Ress, Sara Edwards
pp: 58-62, 2024-06-04

Redefining Future Expectations: How to unlock differentiation in the era of generative AI
Liga Zvirgzdina, Emily Cheng, Jyothish Nair, Pauline Bertry, Stefan Moritz
pp: 63-65, 2024-06-04

‘Teaming with AI’ – A Community Exploration: Integrating AI into service design teams responsibly and effectively
Markus Edgar Hormeß, Florian Bailey
pp: 66-68, 2024-06-04

AI and Risk Management: The Critical Role of Service Designers: Guiding organisations toward responsible AI adoption
Erin Lee Carman, Emmanuel Fragnière, Marshall Sitten
pp: 69-72, 2024-06-04

Is Ethical Tech Mythical? A deep-dive into service design and social sustainability
Payal Chakraborty, Nikhita Ghugari, Swar Raisinghani
pp: 74-77, 2024-06-04

Meet the AI expert
Yifan Gan
pp: 78-80, 2024-06-04

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