Cultural Management: Science and Education (CMSE)

ISSN: 2512-6962

Cultural Management: Science and Education

Building institutions: the film industry in Colombia

Jaime Ruiz-Gutierrez, Andrea Toro-Urrea

Cultural Management: Science and Education 2 No. 1 (2018)     pp: 47-69     2018-06-30
Building institutions: the film industry in Colombia

Stichworte/keywords: Film industry, Colombia, institutional construction, organizational learning

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Ruiz-Gutierrez, J., & Toro-Urrea, A. (2018). Building institutions: the film industry in Colombia. Cultural Management: Science and Education, 2 (1), 47-69. doi:10.30819/cmse.2-1.03
doi = {10.30819/cmse.2-1.03},
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year = 2018,
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author = {Jaime Ruiz-Gutierrez, Andrea Toro-Urrea},
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The creation and emergence of a business sector generates considerable interest in knowing and under-standing which factors have shaped its development. The evolution and consolidation of the arts and culture sector in the context of an emergent country includes certain characteristics that differentiate it from other industries and economic contexts. One of the main characteristics relates to its vulnerability, which is the result of a weak and precarious institutionality. This structural process is built in diverse ways, giving rise to organisational learning experiences. The present case could be denominated as an institutional construction case. The following article carefully describes, using an incrementalistic model of “trial and error” processes, the emergence of the film industry in Colombia, through an institutional construction perspective of the development and consolidation of one of the cultural industries in this country.

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