International Sports Studies

Volume 44 No. 1 (2022)

109 Seiten
ISSN 1443-0770
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John Saunders
pp: 1-5, 2022-03-30

The Rise and Fall of Popular Australian Lawn Bowls 1864–2021
Steve Georgakis, Peter Horton
pp: 6-19, 2021-12-30

The Pyalung Kapampángan: observations on the status of traditional games from two generations
Ariel T. Gutierrez, Nelissa L. Manuel, Matthew S. Masbang
pp: 20-34, 2021-12-30

State level accountability systems of student learning and performance in physical education
Emi Tsuda, James D. Wyant, Sean M. Bulger, Andrea R. Taliaferro, Charlene R. Burgeson, Howell Wechsler, Eloise Elliott
pp: 35-53, 2022-03-30

The efficiency of European football leagues in generating broadcasting revenue: a data envelopment analysis
Selçuk Özaydın
pp: 54-64, 2022-03-30

Is home advantage lost when football matches are played behind closed doors without spectators? Evidence from top European football leagues in the Covid-19 era
Aydın Çelen
pp: 65-79, 2022-03-30

VAR technology in English football; Implications of intervening in a fast-moving game
Ammar Hafeez, Uzzam Hafeez, Ansab Amin, Shaheen Hasan
pp: 80-95, 2022-03-30

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