International Sports Studies

Volume 39 (2017)

64 Seiten
ISSN 1443-0770
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John Saunders
pp: 1-4, 2017-12-28

Meaningful movement behaviour involves more than the learning of fundamental movement skills
Niek Pot, Ivo van Hilvoorde, José Afonso, Jeroen Koekoek, Len Almond
pp: 5-20, 2017-12-28

Stressors, coping strategies and effectiveness: A study of Special Olympics coaches at a major sporting event
Justine Stynes, Matthew Pink, & Elizabeth Aumand
pp: 21-34, 2017-12-28

Sports betting or gambling? A study on determining perception on sports betting
Sevda Gökce Yüce, Arif Yüce & Hakan Katırcı
pp: 35-45, 2017-12-28

History – A powerful life-serving influence: Through the lens of the Mangan School
Peter Horton
pp: 46-52, 2017-12-28


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