Coherence and Stochastic Resonance in Nonlinear Dynamical Systems

Nichtlineare und Stochastische Physik, Bd. 8

Benjamin Lindner

ISBN 978-3-89722-848-1
200 pages, year of publication: 2002
price: 40.50 €
This study explores nontrivial roles of fluctuations (noise) in simple excitable, bistable, and oscillatory systems encountered in physics, chemistry, and neurobiology. The book contains a number of useful analytical results including derivations of the linear response of leaky integrate-and-fire neuron and FitzHugh-Nagumo neuron models to white noise and/or periodic stimulation and the derivation of the diffusion coefficient for an overdamped Brownian particle in tilted periodic potential.

By means of these results it is shown that in those models noise of suitable (finite) intensity may (i) increase the regularity of the output (coherence resonance) (ii) enhance the transmission performance with respect to weak periodic stimulation (stochastic resonance) (iii) enhance the frequency sensitivity with respect to periodic stimulation (stochastic double resonance due to coherence resonance) (iv) serve as an efficient signal carrier (noise coding of signals). Some conclusions are drawn for neuronal signal transmission.

  • Stochastic neuron models
  • Signal transmission
  • Coherence resonance
  • Stochastic resonance
  • Diffusion


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