Novel Methods in Electrical Stimulation with Surface Electrodes

Wissenschaftliche Beiträge zur Medizinelektronik, Bd. 10

Jan Claudio Loitz

ISBN 978-3-8325-4885-8
169 pages, year of publication: 2019
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New methods around the application of electrical stimulation with surface electrodes to support hand motor recovery in persons with stroke are derived and presented in this thesis. To solve recurring problems associated with electrical stimulation in rehabilitation, a simulation environment was created that models the behavior of electrically stimulated nerves. Experimental trials with healthy volunteers and stroke survivors validated simulation results and created knowledge for the further development of electrical stimulation systems. Concepts and prototypes for a more intuitive and effective use of electrical stimulation have been developed and can serve as a template for future innovative rehabilitation devices.

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  • Electrical Stimulation
  • Simulation of Electrical Stimulation
  • Stimulation Systems
  • Rehabilitation
  • Paresis


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