Contemporary Music Notation. Semiotic and Aesthetic Aspects

Andrea Valle

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Contemporary Music Notation. Semiotic and Aesthetic Aspects
This book is an attempt to reconsider an area that has become semiotically unknown: musical notation in its twentieth-century developments. This study offers an introductory reflection on the semiotics of notation, which is considered both as a reflection on notation in light of semiotics and a semiotic work that is proper to the notation as such.

On the one hand, it is a matter of taking into account the historicity of the phenomenon and the semiotic reflection that has stimulated it; the particular scale of the problem in the period 1950-70 is investigated in relation to causes that could be defined both as "internal" (the changed state of musical matter, serial and post-serial compositional practices, happening and improvisation) and "external" (the relationship with other sectors of culture: from visual arts to literature, and to philosophy).

On the other hand, the examples considered in the text are a test bench of absolute importance for the observation of the dynamics underlying a semiotically central problem such as that of notation, and of the double order (between the signifier and the signified) that it immediately evokes.

Andrea Valle is associate professor in film, photography and television at the University of Turin. His research interests include semiotics, audiovisual theory, sound and music computing. He is active as a musician and composer.

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  • Musical Notation
  • Semiotic
  • Music History
  • Twentieth Century
  • Music Theorie


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