Glottogenesis and Language Conflicts in Europe

Studies in Eurolinguistics , Bd. 10

Sture Ureland, Lelija Sovcanac (Hrsg.)

ISBN 978-3-8325-4444-7
332 pages, year of publication: 2017
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Glottogenesis and Language Conflicts in Europe
This book consisting of 21 articles is the result of three different symposia held in Zadar (2013), Moscow (2014) and Strasbourg (2016) with focus on two major topics: Glottogenesis and Conflicts in Europe and Safeguarding and protection of European lesser-used languages as formulated in the 1992 EU-Charter.

PART I: Univ. of Zadar

GLOTTOGENESIS ON THE EUROPEAN CONTINENT: General Introduction (Ureland), Hamel: From the Ice Age to modern languages

SOUTHERN EUROPE: Genesis of French (Schmitt), Italian (Agresti, Begioni) and Spanish (Lüdtke) SOUTH-EASTERN EUROPE: Genesis of Croatian (Socanac, Granic, Skelin Horvat/Simicic; Skevin/Markovic; Bulgarian (Choparinova)

EASTERN EUROPE: Genesis of Russian (Oleinichenko, Iamshanova)

CENTRAL EUROPE: Genesis of Germanic (Krasukhin)

WESTERN AND CENTRAL EUROPE: Genesis of (Celtic): (Broderick)

NORTHERN EUROPE: Genesis of North Sámi (Weinstock)

PART II: Linguistic Institute of the Academy of Sciences Moscow

Introduction (Ureland); Report on the Moscow Round Table (De Geer); The LSJ-Project (Steller)

PART III: René Schickele-Gesellschaft and Council of Europe, Strasbourg

Introduction (Ureland); Kalmyk (Bitkeeva); Latin (Merolle); Colloquium in Strasbourg (Woehrling)

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Table of contents (PDF)


  • Eurolinguistik
  • Europäismen
  • Genetik
  • Glottogenesis
  • Sprachkontakt


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