Stimulation of Neurons by Electrical Means

Wissenschaftliche Beiträge zur Medizinelektronik, Bd. 4

Mario A. Meza-Cuevas

ISBN 978-3-8325-4152-1
164 pages, year of publication: 2015
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Stimulation of Neurons by Electrical Means
In this work, the use of different techniques to achieve a fully implantable neurostimulator is analyzed. The target is invasive electrical stimulation for applications requiring a large number of stimulation sites, such as implants to restore vision, e.g. retinal implants. The approaches analyzed are: the use of metal electrodes covered by a conductive polymer, PEDOT, which reduces the electrode impedance; the use of non-rectangular waveforms to save energy during the electrical stimulation; and high circuitry integration in an ASIC to combine the above mentioned techniques. The result is a design with small silicon area and low energy requirements.

Table of contents (PDF)


  • Bioengineering
  • Neural Stimulation
  • Retinal Implant
  • Waveforms for electrical stimulation


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