Process-Oriented Analysis and Validation of Multi-Agent-Based Simulations

Agent Technology - Theory and Application, Bd. 7

Nicolas Denz

ISBN 978-3-8325-3874-3
445 pages, year of publication: 2014
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In multi-agent-based simulation (MABS) the behavior of individual actors is modeled in detail. The analysis and validation of these models is rated as difficult and requires support by innovative techniques and tools. Problems include model complexity, the amount and often qualitative representation of simulation results, and the typical dichotomy between microscopic modeling and macroscopic observation perspectives.

In recent years, data mining has been increasingly applied as a support technique in this context. A particularly promising approach is found in the field of process mining. Due to its rooting in business process analysis, process mining shares several process- and organization-oriented analysis perspectives and use cases with agent-based modeling.

This thesis proposes a conceptual framework for the systematic application of process mining to the analysis and validation of MABS. As a foundation, agent-oriented analysis perspectives and simulation-specific use cases are identified and complemented with methods, techniques, and results from the literature. A partial formalization of perspectives and use cases is sketched by utilizing concepts from process modeling and software engineering. Beyond the conceptual work, process mining is applied in two case studies related to different modeling and simulation approaches.

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  • Simulation
  • Agententechnologie
  • Process Mining
  • Data Mining
  • Validierung


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