The Development, Politics, Civil Society and Climate Change of Bangladesh: an In Depth Analysis

Abdullahel Shafi, Shanjida Akan

ISBN 978-3-8325-3541-4
202 pages, year of publication: 2013
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The Development, Politics, Civil Society and Climate Change of Bangladesh: an In Depth Analysis
This new book on Bangladesh development, civil society, climate change gives a new insight into the debate of development in Bangladesh. There goes a saying in Bengali-'Goriber bou sobar bhabi' ("Wife of powerless is considered as ready to be taken to bed anytime by the POWERFUL'').In case of development, civil society, NGOs,dependency and even climate change of the country, the regional as well as the international powers have always poked their nose into the affairs of Bangladesh. Even local political leaders, civil society and NGOs community have become cheap instruments of letting her be the 'test case of development' to outsiders. Such mentalities of the peoples have always become a burden to the country. This book offers challenging aims to clarify the ambiguities of dependency theory-the west is creating dependency to the third world, we have shown that local pioneers of development are wonderful hands to the west as well as they themselves are the barriers to development. In the subsequent chapters, this book offers an insight into the problems of policy making, civil society as competitor of the national politicians, NGOs as an instrument of colonial masters. We have tried to instrumentalise globalization friendly development to the country by suggesting some positive measures and changing it to development friendly and at the same time, we tried to develop a model of politics by the scenario building methods of social science. The book concludes with the politics of climate change and climate gate where without being climate scientists, we tried to prove the assessment of the IPCC president fake.

This book would be an important text for students and scholars in politics, civil society, policy making, sociology, and the social sciences in general. It will also appeal to a broader audiences interested in key social, political issues of Bangladesh.

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  • Bangladesh
  • Civil Society
  • Climate Change
  • Political Conflicts
  • Dependency and Globalization


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