Down and out - or free at last? Causes and effects of early exit/retirement in the Nordic countries

Per H. Jensen, Einar Øverbye (Eds.)

ISBN 978-3-8325-3513-1
113 Seiten, Erscheinungsjahr: 2013
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This book uses a citizenship perspective to analyse the causes and effects of early exit/early retirement, including retirement through disability benefits. Major research questions include: Which factors causes seniors to retire early? How do early retirees experience their retirement? Is early exit/retirement a 'release' from harsh working conditions? To what extent does early exit/retirement lead to economic, social and political marginalisation? Do disability pensioners experience retirement differently from regular early retirees, and if so, why? In a nutshell, do seniors retire early because they feel down and out - or free at last?

The book is based on comparable survey data among gainfully employed, regular early retirees and disability pensioners in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. This book provides new insights for academics and students interested in the mechanisms behind different types of early exit/retirement, as well as the extent to which early exit/retirement leads to social, economic and political marginalisation. The book is also of value for policy makers and lay people who are concerned with integration of vulnerable groups, and how to influence retirement decisions.

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  • early exit
  • early retirement
  • social and political marginalisation
  • ageing
  • labour markets


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