The European Dictionary

Vincenzo Merolle

ISBN 978-3-8325-3324-3
253 pages, year of publication: 2013
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Rezension: ".... in diesem Wörterbuch zu lesen macht Spaß, und der entsteht durch die Verbindung von linguistisch-historischer Etymologie und Wortsinn mit dem Eigensinn des Verfassers und seiner liebevollen Didaktik." Karin Betz, In: Uebersetzen, 01/14, S.15

Inhalt: It is a common observation, that the world has been changing, and, along with it, the way of studying languages.

We Europeans are rediscovering our common past, and the reasons for our cultural unity.

This dictionary is intended to show what European tradition is. Its basic principle is that words must be understood through their history. It is based on 'historical' principles; hence the relevance of etymology, which is the history of a word and of its meaning, departing from its oldest known origin.

So far dictionaries have been 'national' and bilingual; from now onwards they must be 'European', both for the history and for the future of European and Western civilization.

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