Christian Communities and Civil Authorities in Romans and Philippians. An Exegetical Analysis and Hermeneutical Reflections in the African Context

Msafiri Joseph Mbilu

ISBN 978-3-8325-3237-6
340 pages, year of publication: 2013
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This book presents an intensive study on Christian Communities and Civil Authorities in Romans and Philippians. The linguistic and historical method employed in this book helps to unravel the original meaning of some key terminologies used by Paul. The observations made in the exegesis of Rom 13:1-7 and Phil 3:20-21 open the way up to read and understand these two texts in relation to the time and context of the first readers. The hermeneutical section, which focuses on the social, religious and political context of readers in an African context, shows that it is only through true democracy that civil authorities can manage to maintain peace and justice in society.

Msafiri Joseph Mbilu born in Tanzania in 1968; enrolled for a General Certificate in Theology at Makumira 1990-1994. Obtained Bachelor of Divinity at Makumira University College 1997-2000; Master of Philosophy in Theology at Stavanger School of Mission and Theology, Norway 2000-2002. Scholarship through the United Evangelical Mission (UEM) and Karl Immer Stipendium from 2006 to study at the Kirchliche Hochschule Wuppertal/Bethel, Germany, where he was awarded the degree of Doctor of Theology in July 2012.

  • istory of research
  • Exegesis of Romans 13:1-7
  • Exegesis of Philippians 3:20-21
  • The Context of Paul's Exhortations
  • Hermeneutical Reflections


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