Animal Ethics. Past and Present Perspectives

Evangelos D. Protopapadakis (Ed.)

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Animal Ethics. Past and Present Perspectives
Philosophy, as Aristotle said, originates in wonder. And nonhuman animals have long been a source of wonder to humans, especially in regard to the treatment they deserve. The upshot is that Western philosophy has been concerned with the way in which we ought to treat nonhuman animals since its origins with the pre-Socratic philosophers.

Animal ethics is a highly challenging field, as well as one of the liveliest areas of debate in ethics in recent years. Not only has this area issued in a range of attention-grabbing controversies but it has also led to the exploration of novel and imaginative approaches to worn-out issues.

This book is roughly evenly divided between the presentation and discussion of a range of influential past approaches to animal ethics and an equally significant range of contemporary approaches. We need to understand the legacy of the past and the resources that it offers us while also forging new views that are appropriate to our increasingly developed understanding of the nature of nonhuman animals.

Evangelos D. Protopapadakis is Lecturer in Applied Ethics at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece.


Mark J. Rowlands, Virtue Ethics and Animals
Stephen R. L. Clark, The Ethics of Taxonomy: A Neo-Aristotelian Synthesis
Myrto Dragona-Monachou, Is There Room for Moral Consideration of Animals in Stoic Logocentricism?
Georgios Steiris, Isidore's of Seville and Al-Farabi on Animals: Ontology and Ethics
George Arabatzis, Animal Rights in Byzantine Thought
Panagiotis Pantazakos, Plethon's Views on Animals
Gary Steiner, Descartes, Christianity, and Contemporary Speciesism
Filimon Peonidis, Kant's not so Bad Speciesism
Gary Steiner, Animal Rights and the Default of Postmodernism

Peter Singer, All Animals Are Equal
Tom Regan, Empty Cages: Animal Rights and Vivisection
Warwick Fox, Forms of Harm and Our Obligations to Humans and Other Animals
Roger Scruton, Our Love for Animals
Steven Best, Total Liberation and Moral Progress: The Struggle for Human Evolution
Gary L. Francione, The Problems of Animal Welfare and the Importance of Vegan Education
Xavier Labbée, The Legal Status of Animals in French Law: A Paradigm Case
Evangelos D. Protopapadakis, Animal Rights, or Just Human Wrongs?

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  • animal rights
  • animal liberation
  • animal wellfare
  • animal treatment
  • veganism


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