Rhythm in Speech, Prose and Verse. A Linguistic Description

Jürgen Esser

ISBN 978-3-8325-2845-4
144 pages, year of publication: 2011
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Rhythm in Speech, Prose and Verse. A Linguistic Description
In contrast to other works, this linguistic approach to rhythm does not start from decontextualized structures but from performance data in a bottom-up fashion. Drawing on Halliday's distinction between wording, writing and sounding, the proposed model takes account of several levels of abstraction. Important categories for data analysis are syllable rhythm and accent rhythm, which interact to establish prominence patterns (peaks and valleys) that can be observed in spontaneous and prepared speech, readings and recitals. Excluding subjective factors of analysis, the new model offers a tool to describe the rhythmic potential of prose and verse and to evaluate rhythmic performances of reading and reciting.

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  • linguistics
  • rhythm
  • English Studies
  • metrics
  • intonation


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