Ecophysiology and Postharvest Quality of Salak (Salacca zalacca (Gaertn.) Voss)

Reni Lestari

ISBN 978-3-8325-0850-0
155 Seiten, Erscheinungsjahr: 2005
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The production of salak species has increased from 97.5t in 1989 to 292.2t in 1994. But salak is not only important for the Indonesian market, but has also a high value for export purposes. The major problems are quality, quantity of yield and continuity of supply. The aim of this research is to promote salak production in Indonesia, both for domestic and export markets. The major objectives are:

- Investigation of ecophysiological requirements of different salak cultivars

- Postharvest quality aspects

- Establishment of quality-oriented production and postharvest management.

  • Salak (Salacca zalacca)
  • Ecophysiology
  • Postharvest Quality
  • Schlangenhautfrucht
  • Indonesien


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